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About the membership
IT PM Club is for established and aspiring women leaders in tech and related sectors. It is not only a practical educational hub but also a vibrant community of women-leaders worldwide. The goal of the club is to elevate professional skills & knowledge as well as fight back the imposter syndrome, reclaim the confidence and promote women supporting other women. By lifting up one another we are lifting up the society as a whole.
What's included in the Membership:
  • Access to monthly themed guest-speaker live sessions & workshops
    These are live sessions where you get to interact with the guest speakers, ask your questions, grow your network. Recordings of the sessions will also be available in the hub.
  • Access to recordings of all past guest-speaker sessions and workshops
    No matter when you join, you will have full access to entire repository of content.
  • Access to learning materials from all past guest-speaker sessions and workshops
    Majority of webinars and workshops are accompanied by visual presentations. No need to try to screenshot or take notes, you will have access to all of it in the hub.
  • Access to PM Templates and other useful PM & Leadership resources
    Templates are everything.
  • Monthly member check-ins - live sessions with Nionila and other members
    We will meet monthly to discuss anything and everything related to your professional growth, any pressing questions or issues that you had. We will also be using this time as an opportunity to learn about each other, expand our networks and grow stronger as a community.
  • Access to community of driven talented women worldwide
    One of the goals of the Club Membership is to empower you and to elevate your professional and personal development by connecting you with professional women in the space worldwide.
  • Exclusive access to internship, volunteer and job opportunities from our partner organizations
    We are working hard to keep you hardly working on things that shouldn't be that hard. In simple terms, we are working hard with organizations to help bring more women into the tech industry
What will you get after the purchase?
You will get immediate access to your membership area with all the materials as soon as your payment is processed. Please note the entire process is automated so allow a few minutes for the email to hit your inbox. Check your spam in case of a long delay.
If all else fails - send us an email and we'll get you up and running in no time! Contact details in footer.