Live Session with Alex Linetski Recording
This is a recording of the live session with Alex Linetski that we held on July-8-2022 where Alex shared some expectations from a Project Manager in Software Development, some career advice and his thoughts on why it is critical to have women in the team.
Live Session with Alex Linetski Recording. 07.08.2022
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Project Manager Must-Haves
As discussed during our live session
Motivate teams to do something rather than order them
Be a Partner
Become a partner on project delivery as opposed to simply a reports person
Take on a combined role, for example, add the scrum master role to your stack if it’s missing on the project and it certainly adds more value
Apply lessons learnt to the next project
Communication Skills
Engaging project stakeholders and managing people indirectly requires high-level of communication
Organizational Skills
Getting everyone on the same page and moving in the same AND right direction is critical
Emotional Intelligence
Be self-aware and recognize others' as individuals, professionals and people with personal lives & issues
Problem-resolution skills
Problems are inevitable part of running a project. Finding appropriate solutions fast and efficiently is a golden skill
Critical Thinking
One of the skills that can set you apart. Thinking holistically and organically will help drive the project to success while not letting risks become issues
Career Advice For Your Professional Growth
TO help you get ahead of your competition
Grab the opportunity that presents itself
Pivot when necessary even if it means taking a few steps back. 
Management tips
Try to work it with your team. Conflict resolution. Come to the management with solutions on how to solve it/mitigate. If not possible - escalate as is, don’t wait until it’s too late. 
Find a mentor - build the connections
Make everyone’s voices heard
Add The Personal//Human Aspect
Individual approach to each team member
Master new useful tools
Offer your help where others are not willing
Manage your manager 
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