Live Session with Wojciech Dojka Recording
This is a recording of the live session with Wojciech Dojka that we held on July-27-2022 where Wojciech talked to us about Cyber Security and role of a PM in the process of software development.
Live Session with Wojciech Dojka Recording. 07.27.2022
4K Timelapse Video
Project Manager Must-Haves
As discussed during our live session
Trust your instincts.
This sense builds up with experience.
Be yourself
Don't fall victim to peer pressure and masculine and/or toxic culture
Don’t try to fake it.
Example: very technical projects that are difficult for you to comprehend. Signify that you need help understanding it and own it.
Give the benefit of the doubt.
Try to talk to the person and understand the situation/circumstances prior to making assumptions.
Project manager needs to be a project leader.
On a project the things that you don’t know about are the things that hurt you.
There is no success without failure.
If you are not failing you are not trying hard enough.
Tips About Cybersecurity & Beyond
There different terms to describe cyber security (computer/cyber/info security).
Fundamentally cybersecurity is all about protecting the data.
How To Tip:
Dissect the problem into smaller chunks & don’t go it alone. Have a team to help you solve the smaller pieces that will form a universal larger solution.
Cybersecurity is embedded in every aspect of our life.
Narrow your specialization if possible
The more you specialize the more in demand you are, i.e. you posses unmeasurable experience in comparison with other candidates.
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