Welcome to the W Club!
A community of STEM-savvy, ambitious, unique and talented women from around the world!
Member Benefits
The W Club Offers a Handful Of Benefits:
Webinars and Workshops
The W Club gives you on-demand access to a wide range of webinars and workshops. 24/7 on ANY device.
Presentations and notes
In addition to video lectures, you have access to printed material and notes, so you can review key components of each lecture at any time.
Live Sessions
In addition to on-demand content you also have an opportunity to attend sessions with guest speakers live! It means you can fully immerse yourself into the experience and ask your questions!
Member Check-ins
Member check-in sessions allow you to meet other members of the club, grow your network and work through your most pressing questions. Think of it as a mastermind at scale.
Work Opportunities
Whether you are looking for a contract opportunity or are recruiting, the W Club is partnering with organizations to bring some of those opportunities to you, and as a member you'd be able to create a job posting free of charge.
Community Building
One of the goals of the W Club is to create a supportive community, so it is not just a space where you can learn and grow individually but also a space where you will receive support from peer women and will be able to offer that support to others as well.
The W Club is constantly growing and evolving, so be sure to review the benefits section periodically and be on the lookout for more awesome announcements. We are so happy you are here!
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Project Management
Personal Development
Recruiting & Staffing
(for job seekers)
Upcoming Events
11:30 – 12:30 EST, Sept-26
IT Project Management Webinar
with Lisa Root, Senior IT PM @ Cloudscale
11:00-12:00pm EST, Oct-3
Member Check-In
all members and Nionila
It's an open session with all members and Nionila to get to know each other and discuss pressing issues and address open questions