5-Step Checklist
To Create To-Do List
Step-by-step Checklist to Your Most Productive ToDo list
to help you start doing the right things and move forward faster
  • 1
    Brain dump
    Write down all tasks you can think of. Personal, professional.
    Anything that comes up.
  • 2
    Identify most urgent tasks and move them to the top of the list
    ASAP kind of tasks.
  • 3
    Identify high-importance tasks
    Add high importance tasks in. They might not be urgent but highly important.
    Add them right below the urgent tasks.
  • 4
    Squeeze a couple fast wins (if you can)
    If you have less than 5 tasks on the list OR think you can squeeze in a little more - add no more than 2 tasks that are quick and easy to do. Fast wins.
  • 5
    Block the time
    Look at your calendar and block time to get those tasks done. Don't skip this step.

  • 6
    Share your progress with me, I'd love to hear if this was helpful and how much so.
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Who Is The Course For
Project Management is not just a profession, it's a muscle that you can train and use in your everyday life outside the office space.
You are looking to get into IT
You will learn core technology terminology & slang to feel confident and comfortable when diving into your new IT-related profession.
You are looking to get into Project Management
You will learn the basics of Project Management, including tools & techniques. You will also learn through real-life use studies and homework assignments.
You are looking to get to next level in your Leadership
You will learn additional tools & techniques to use to be a more effective project leader and team manager. You will learn about common mistakes project leaders make so you can avoid them and establish your professional authority on your current or new workplace.
Course Program
The course is structured in 12 consecutive chapters, building your knowledge and confidence from the ground up. Each chapter (except for Intro) is on average 2hrs long.The course is theory and practice heavy, so you will always practice what you have learnt through real-life simulated situation or environment.
Intro Chapter
Quick introduction and setting goals for the course.
Assignment #1.
How To Land a Job Without Prior Experience - Basics
In this chapter you will learn how to get into IT without prior industry experience. And how to land a PM role in IT without prior experience either in the industry or in the role.
Assignment #2.
Technology Basics
In this chapter we will start learning to speak IT language, familiarize ourselves with some terminology, and learn about the development team roles and functions.
Assignment #3.
Feedback on Assignment #2.
Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks
This chapter will be dedicated to methodologies and frameworks used in managing IT projects with real-life case studies.
Assignment #4.
Feedback on Assignment #3.
Project Manager in IT - Role and Responsibilities

In this chapter we will take a closer look at the IT PM role and responsibilities, review common expectations from the role, discuss some Dos and Don'ts of this profession.
Assignment #5.

Project Initiation
We will learn about what is project initiation phase as well as what PM ceremonies, artifacts and level of engagement is required during this phase of the project.
Assignment #6.
Feedback on Assignment #4.
Project Planning
Deep dive into Planning variables, PM artifacts and How Tos. This is another chapters that is heavy on theory as well as practice. Your assignments will not be a light breathe on this one.
Assignment #7.
Feedback on Assignment #6.
Project Execution
We will learn about scope tracking, resource management, cost and time management, risk management, KM and reporting. This chapter also includes a whole module on managing changes.
Assignment #8.
Feedback on Assignment #7.
Team Management
We will learn about Tuckman's stages of group development, Birkinshaw's DMs, DISC profiling. There will also be a special module on being authentic.
Assignment #9.
Feedback on Assignment #8.
Project Measurement
We will learn how to establish effective measurements, learn which metrics to measure. I guarantee you will be surprised at some of them. The metrics discussed in this course will be more basic and more commonly used by PMs.
Assignment #10.
Feedback on Assignment #9.
Project Closing
We will learn how to close out your projects properly and what to do if the project is on-going.
Feedback on Assignment #10.
Interview Q&A
In this final chapter we will review the most common questions asked, how to behave during the interviews and what to do after.
Assignment #12.
Feedback on Assignment #11.
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What's Included in the Course
We worked hard to build this course around your needs and career opportunities
  • Module Recordings
    You will be able to review the video recordings at your own pace after the module has become available.
  • Templates
    You will have access to different PM templates which you can download and use later in your job.
  • 6-months access
    You will be able to access the course for 6 months since the date of the purchase.
  • Live sessions 
    Live Q&A sessions with the instructor as well as 2 live sessions with guest speakers from the industry.
Our Mentees' Employers
Disclaimer: The course does not guarantee any immediate placements. The course does guarantee that you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to be a better PM in IT.
Meet Your Instructor
Project Management Professional (PMP, CSM, MBA), Serial Entrepreneur, Forbes Business Council Member. On a mission to encourage and empower more women to join the tech industry and support each other. Unapologetic advocate for equal opportunities for all. Leader by example. Nionila Ivanova.
Our Advantages
The course is entirely focused on delivering essential and practical knowledge so that you can launch your career in IT Project Management with confidence! Our goal is to help as many people as possible, offering the necessary level of support and the most competitive pricing.
The material is gathered from most prestigious professional sources coupled with nearly 15 years of expertise in project & program management.
In addition to feedback on your assignments, our teacher-supported plan includes live sessions and on-going individual Q&A during the course of the program.
Our prices are much lower than the US and European comparable courses. Why? We want to make the course more affordable to more people and especially women.
Founder's Quote
Nowadays you can find so much information on project management online. The challenge becomes finding the information that's accurate, relevant, practical and applicable. And that's exactly why we created this course on project management in IT. It consolidates most relevant theory and knowledge combined with over a decade of experience working in the corporate world, consulting and with start-ups.
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